Beverage Dispenser Unit

Beverage Dispenser Unit

4 Product Beverage Dispenser Unit

The Baystyle Wall Dispensing Unit is a simple, robust and user-friendly hot beverage making system.

Simple to use


Economic and cost saving

Reduces waste and mess

Heavy duty with minimal moving parts

Large Capacity

1 teaspoon measure per click (3 products) plus teabag dispenser


H – 570mm (including jars)

W – 400mm

D – 110mm


Granulated or Freeze Dried Instant coffee - 700gm

Powdered Instant Coffee - 600gm

Hot Chocolate – 2kg

White Sugar – 2.2kg


As this is a large capacity/heavy duty unit, please measure your cafeteria wall to ensure you have sufficient space to install.

IMPORTANT – Unit must be situated in the same vicinity as cups, away from hot-water source to ensure product goes into cup before hot water is added.

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